Resources & Publications

FVPLS Victoria and other organisations produce a range of culturally appropriate resources and information sheets to help people understand the law, and how to get help.

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Autumn 2016 Newsletter


Aboriginal women Writer's list 


 Grow your knowledge flyer



 Letter to Federal MP / Senator   

Help Cards


What to do if Child Protection is involved with your family 

Info about family violence, sexual assault and how to get help

Family Violence Intervention Orders: A Guide to Staying Safe

Family Violence Intervention Orders: A Guide to Staying Safe (Mildura Region)

Other Resources


Evaluation Report of FVPLS Victoria's Early Intervention and Prevention Program 

 Koori Family Violence Police Protocols: What you can expect


Burndap nahlinggu-dji – Welcome back:

A resource for Koori women exiting prison, including information about community services and organisations which 
may provide assistance in Victoria.


101 ways_booklet.jpg      


This booklet features family violence prevention strategies for Koori women, Koori men, Koori agencies and non-Koori agencies stand firm against violence.

Hard copies available at no cost. Please contact us.










Hard Copy Only. Please contact us to purchase.