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Prevention and Education

FVPLS Victoria's Community Legal Education program (CLE) works with Koori communities to break the cycle of family violence. We provide culturally accessible community education about the legal system and legal rights.

FVPLS Victoria is committed to engaging with Koori communities and community workers to enable access to justice for victims/ survivors of family violence and sexual assault.

Our CLE program, incorporating early intervention and prevention activities, has a social and emotional well-being approach and also covers areas of law where FVPLS Victoria can assist, including: Family Law, Intervention Orders, Child Protection, and Victims of Crime assistance.

FVPLS Victoria has some legal education materials available to community and organisations. Please check our resources online or contact our office to request copies of our materials. 


Sisters Day Out

The Sisters Day Out program is a one-day workshop that engages with Koori women, and in particular young Koori women, for the purpose of preventing family violence by facilitating community networks to reduce social isolation, raising awareness of family violence and its underlying cause and impacts, and by providing information and tools to promote community safety.

The workshop provides a culturally welcoming and safe space for Koori women to come together and participate in a range of activities including beauty therapies, relaxation therapies and exercise activities. These activities attract community participants and place an emphasis on self-care and well-being. Included within the workshop is an information session about family violence prevention presented by FVPLS Victoria staff.

FVPLS Victoria invites a range of local service providers to participate in the event. FVPLS Victoria lawyers are also available for any participant requiring advice, and a counsellor is also available for participants requiring a personal conversation about their circumstances.



Upcoming SDO workshops:

Horsham - Tuesday 25, June

Ballarat -  Tuesday 1, August

Dame Phyllis Frost Centre - Wednesday 6, September

Dandenong - Tuesday 10, October

For more information and/or register visit Our Upcoming Events page.


Young Luv

 The Young Luv program is part of FVPLS Victoria’s Early Intervention and Prevention program and it is focused on promoting healthy relationships for Aboriginal young women between 13 and 18 years old.

Young Luv is an innovative and engaging program developed by and for young Aboriginal women. This program engages young women in a culturally safe space where they can talk about, reflect on and better understand important issues including:

  • the dynamics of healthy relationships
  • safety while dating, including how to access appropriate support and services
  • how to recognise inappropriate or unsafe behaviour
  • safety online and appropriate use of social media.

 Young Luv logo

Download the Young Luv flyer


Dilly Bag

The Dilly Bag Workshop is a two-day intensive personal development workshop to assist Koori women to make choices in their own lives that will reduce vulnerability to family violence, and enhance their capacity to take on a leadership role in their community regarding family violence prevention.

Based on cultural principles Dilly Bag incorporates aspects of healing and provides a foundation of learning to identify each woman’s strengths, unlock potential, reaffirm identity, strengthen self-esteem and overcome personal barriers. This involves exercising life choices at a personal, family, or community level.


Sisters Retreat

The Sisters Serenity Retreat (the Retreat) provides a sanctuary for up to 25 Koori women to have some respite from life stressors within a drug and alcohol free environment while providing activities to strengthen resolve so that they can continue to make positive choices in their own lives and continue to lead the community on family violence prevention.

The Retreat takes place over three days at a culturally appropriate, safe and relaxing location with facilities for the participants to stay for two nights. The format for the Retreat is a series of workshops with physical and social activities such as self-defence, Koori art, horse riding, personal care, yarning circles, cultural sessions, general informal conversations and relaxation.

A FVPLS Victoria solicitor and a counsellor attend the Retreat and are available for personal discussions if required. The Retreat is also run by staff with specific training to support women to address related health, social and mental issues. Other guest speakers also attend with a particular focus upon health and well-being including drug and alcohol workers, nutritionists and other health professionals.  


Deadly Duos

Healthy Relationships tells the story of Kiah who is dating Scott. Everything seems to be going well at first and Kiah is falling hard for Scott. After a while, things start to take a turn and Kiah notices a few red flags. She starts to feel uneasy about being with Scott. Unsure of what to do she pulls away from her friends. Kiah's best friend Jas notices that something is up, she reaches out for support.

Healthy Relationships is a video produced by FVPLS Victoria and funded by the Victorian State Government. The cornerstone of the video is the relationship between Kiah and Scott, but equally important is the relationship between best friends Kiah and Jas. Together they make a deadly duo. In recognition of the importance of support networks, FVPLS Victoria is hosting a competition titled Deadly Duos to support the Healthy Relationships video.

To support the video we are asking everyone to watch it and share it around. If you are between the ages of 13-21 years, enter the Deadly Duos' competition!

About the Deadly Duos' competition

Do you have a BFF like Jas? Or is your cuz the one you turn to when you need a laugh and support? Whoever your Deadly Duo is, we want to know!

Check out our Facebook page to enter the Deadly Duos competition. By entering Deadly Duos you could win a $1000 Visa gift card and there are five up for grabs!

Entry is open to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young women aged 13 to 21 years, who live in Victoria.

The competition will be judged by Andrew Jackomos, Victorian Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People. Winners will be contacted on Tuesday 4 July 2017, with their names published on the FVPLS Victoria Facebook page on Friday 7 July 2017.

Deadly Duos' Terms and Conditions

How to enter the Deadly Duos' competition

To enter, visit the FVPLS Victoria Facebook page and find the Deadly Duos' competition post. Comment on the post, telling us in around 100 words, who your Deadly Duo is and explain why you think the relationship is deadly.

Make sure you enter before the competition closes at 5pm on Thursday 29 June, 2017.