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Position Description: Senior Regional Lawyer - Warrnambool

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Position Description: Senior Regional Lawyer - Bairnsdale

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Position Description: Paralegal Support Worker - Mildura

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On 1 June 2015, FVPLS Victoria relocated its head office to 292 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, a building purchased with the support of the Indigenous Land Corporation.

Our goal is to develop the premises as a multi-purpose community hub for our Aboriginal clients in partnership with government, non-profit, community and specialist services. It will extend our capacity as a legal service, enhance service integration and collaboration, strengthen our education, early intervention and prevention programs.

FVPLS Victoria is not a gender-specific service, however 93% of our clients are Aboriginal women – a group recognised as one of the most legally disadvantaged in Australia.

In 2015-16 FVPLS Victoria’s holistic service activities impacted on more than 6000 people.

  • We provided legal services to over 600 clients (with more than 900 children).
  • Delivered community legal education and early intervention/prevention activities to almost 1,800 community members and over 1,000 mainstream services staff.
  • Our Sisters Day Out® wellbeing workshop, recognised by the recent Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence as best practice, has attracted over 8,000 Koori women as participants and celebrated its 100th workshop in March 2016.

 We are seeking your support by way of donations to help us realise our goal to develop our Abbotsford premises to support our clients and the community we serve.

 All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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If you prefer, you can print out a form, fill out the details and post it to us.

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Please note FVPLS Victoria has two Volunteer rounds open per year for people to express their interest in volunteering.

Any expression of interest received outside of these rounds will not be considered.

First round open - 1st Feburary - 28th Feburary 2017 - THIS ROUND CLOSED

Second round open - 1st August - 31st August 2017

FVPLS Victoria volunteer program is for people who have experience in, or who are studying, law, community development, policy, Aboriginal studies or other relevant disciplines.  FVPLS Victoria also continues to accept applications from people with experience in web design and development, communications, graphic design and grant writing.

FVPLS Victoria provides legal advice and assistance to some of the most legally disadvantaged people in Australia.  FVPLS Victoria is an Aboriginal community controlled organisation which provides crucial integrated, holistic services to victim-survivors of family violence including frontline legal assistance, early intervention prevention and critical community legal education. FVPLS Victoria is the only Aboriginal community controlled legal assistance service that is dedicated to providing specialist support to victim-survivors of family violence and providing primary prevention and specialist advice to government and the sector around addressing and preventing family violence in Aboriginal communities.

Volunteers greatly benefit our service and have the opportunity to contribute to the following:

  • Administration
  • Research and policy work
  • Our legal team
  • Our community legal education team

FVPLS Victoria seeks volunteers with strong analytical and conceptual ability, and excellent research and communication skills. We welcome applications from volunteers who have experience in, or who are studying, law, arts, Aboriginal studies or another relevant discipline. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are strongly encouraged to apply.

We also invite applications from people with experience in the following areas:

  • Web design and development
  • Communications
  • Graphic Design
  • Grant Writing 

To apply to become a volunteer at FVPLS Victoria, please send your CV with a covering letter to during the open volunteer rounds.