5 Week #BlakOnRepeat Wardrobe Challenge 

Blak on Repeat campaign-1.jpgKicking off on Monday 17 July 2017, FVPLS Victoria will take on the 5 Week #BlakOnRepeat Wardrobe Challenge.

Our team created the 5 Week #BlakOnRepeat Challenge, as we have wardrobes full of clothes that we rarely wear, with the opportunity to go out and buy more. Many of the women who access our service do not have this luxury. Therefore we are hosting this Challenge to not only assess our spending habits but to also collect quality clothing pieces to pass onto our women.

Our team has taken the #BlakOnRepeat pledge to:

  • Not buy any new clothing, footwear or accessories for the next 5 weeks
  • Donate 10 good quality items from our wardrobes for the #BlakOnRepeat Market @ Djirra 
  • If we do buy something new, we will donated half the cost of the new item purchased to the challenge. 

At the end of the Challenge we will host a market for our women, called #BlakOnRepeat Market @ Djirra, where the clothing collected will be distributed.

We want everyone to get on board and take the #BlakOnRepeat plegde with us! So, will you join us? 

To take part in the challenge you can: 

Not into challenges but still want to get invovled?

If you can't take part in the Challenge but would still like to get involved register as a collection point and encourage your networks to go through their wardrobes and donate quality clothing and accessories for our #BlakOnRepeat Market. Complete the registration form here! Or complete the hardcopy registration form.

You can also join in the fun by following #BlakOnRepeat, to see the treasures we dig up that have lived in the back of our wardrobes. 

Why take part in the 5 Week #BLAKONREPEAT Wardrobe Challenge? 
Australians on average waste 30kgs of clothing per person every year, making us one of the largest fashion wasters in the world. Many of us have confessed to having a wardrobe full of clothes that we hardly wear or have never worn, and the women who access our service are often in need of clothing for important meetings or court appearances…so cue the Challenge!

5 Week #BlakOnRepeat Wardrobe Challenge - Campaign overview!